domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

Another 3 Web 20 tools

As you can see we have use some tool in the development of this blog. Now I'm going to leave you the links and explain what I think I would apply.
First one is:
Here you can look for videos that are divided in different levels of learning. Your pupils have to see the videos and after that they have to answer to some comprehension questions related with the content of the videos.
It's a different way of learning the listening comprehension, and for our pupils it's a funny way. I have used it in this blog in Halloween and Guy Fawkes.
Second one is:

Here you can find a lot of music videos with it's lyrics. You choose the level and after having a look at the full song lyric, they have to fill in the gaps.
It's a different way of practice writing, listening and speaking skills. They really like it because they can choose their favorite singer, group or song. I used it in this blog in Halloween.
And Third one is:

And the last one is Photo peach, here you or your pupils can made videos with photos and music in a very easy way.
For them it's very easy to use and they can introduce the music from YouTube too. They can see their party photos and enjoy them. I used this in my blog too, you can see it in Halloween.

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