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We are going to get dress up in a very scary way:

Now that we are going to celebrate Halloween we are going to sing a scary song, and if you are so brave you can dance it:

After that we are going to pass our own HOUSE OF HORRORS, where we are going to blindfold kids and have them touch the horrible things – telling them what they are feeling:

1.- Eyeballs (peeled grapes)
2.- Worms (large soba noodles)
3.- Peeled plums (giant spider’s eggs)
4.- Cold oatmeal (brains)

5.- Spaghetti in oil (guts)

Then we are going to make some scary masks with Fomy:

Finally we are going to made a Halloween Parade with this song:

We can make a Karaoke with this song and with the hightest levels we can fill in the gaps, we will choose the level:

Aqua. Halloween

At the end we are going to finish with another song and some questions to answer, this is easy:

Finally another video a litlle more difficult:

And here you have our scary pupils:

          Halloween on PhotoPeach  

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