domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015

Guy Fawkes

Here we find this poem related with the day that it's mentioned. And relalated with a famous Character in London:

We can find the story in this website:

If we want to show them this story in a visual way we are going to use the following video, where they are goin to answer some questions when they finish it. 
We are going to show this to 4th to 6th grade, so I'm going to leave two links,

First it's for an intermediate english level:

The second one it's for a high intermediate english level, as we know in which level our kids are, we can have a previous look and we will choose what  will be the best:

But if we don't have got a digital board or a computer class where we can show our pupils what happened this day we can use several sheets:

sábado, 24 de octubre de 2015


We are going to get dress up in a very scary way:

Now that we are going to celebrate Halloween we are going to sing a scary song, and if you are so brave you can dance it:

After that we are going to pass our own HOUSE OF HORRORS, where we are going to blindfold kids and have them touch the horrible things – telling them what they are feeling:

1.- Eyeballs (peeled grapes)
2.- Worms (large soba noodles)
3.- Peeled plums (giant spider’s eggs)
4.- Cold oatmeal (brains)

5.- Spaghetti in oil (guts)

Then we are going to make some scary masks with Fomy:

Finally we are going to made a Halloween Parade with this song:

We can make a Karaoke with this song and with the hightest levels we can fill in the gaps, we will choose the level:

Aqua. Halloween

At the end we are going to finish with another song and some questions to answer, this is easy:

Finally another video a litlle more difficult:

And here you have our scary pupils:

          Halloween on PhotoPeach  



Here in this blog I'm going to show you different resources to use in you english classroom, to help your childre, or if you want to learn English.